HYBYCOZO has been taking the world by storm with their stunning art installations. Their massive sculptures are beautiful, 3D geometric shapes with incredibly intricate patterns. Today, one of their most exciting installations has been revealed: they’ll be building the base of the man for this year’s Burning Man. 

The man base is one of the most important aspects of Burning Man each year, serving as the center of the event both literally and metaphorically. It’s set on fire at the end of the week with surroundings of celebration and joy. Larry Harvey – the event’s founder who passed last year – typically designed the man base in years past. This will be the first year the design is sourced elsewhere.

As the Burning Man org describes:

 “The Man Base needs to hold space, support the Man as the beacon of our city, and light up the night each year.”

In order to represent this year’s theme of ‘Metamorphoses’, the Burning Man org put out a call to hand-picked artists asking to share their vision of the man base. Alas, HYBYCOZO’s design was chosen.

HYBYCOZO has been one of our favorite artists for many years. Their installations are breathtaking, captivating and crisp. This massive structure will feature “the Man gorgeously cocooned by a winding, ascending walkway, lit at night from within, throwing patterned light across the playa.”

You can read more about the concepts that were submitted for this year’s man base on the Burning Man blog. We can’t wait to see this come to life in the dust!

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