Feed Me Announces 10 Track Album ‘High Street Creeps’

Jon ‘Feed Me’ Gooch, a highly regarded British producer, is set to release his anticipated 10 track second album ‘High Street Creeps’ on February 22 which will find a home on Mau5trap, the label owned by Deadmau5.  The album is named after a notorious 1980s Hertfordshire pheasant poaching ring, and will mark his ninth overall release on the label which he claims to be the best thing he has done.

After 6 years since his debut album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ was released, Feed Me told his fans;

“I’d amassed a lot of material since my last album, but it took a long time for me to feel like it was the right time to do another.  My life had changed a lot since, I’d been through a lot of experiences and it felt overwhelming to try and condense a sprawling mass of feelings and ideas into a new story.”

Feed Me has always been very vocal on his passion for the music, and his distaste for the business side, so fans should be looking forward to an album spear-headed by effort, passion, and world-building.

I was lucky to watch his first performance since finishing the album in Montreal.  Before going on stage, Feed Me told the crowd that he was a bit nervous to play the new material, but the fans were anticipating to hear some of his new work which proved to be some of his best.  If none of that is enough, Feed Me responded a twitter fan asking about touring, stating that he will be doing both DJ and Teeth stage shows!

Two singles will be released before the album.  ‘Feel Love’ is set for release on February 8th, and can be pre-saved here, being followed by ‘Sleepless’ on February 15.