Ekali Plans to Open Charity Studio for Young Musicians

Ekali is giving back to his Vancouver community. He’s announced his plans to open a charity music studio for young musicians. He first mentioned the idea for the studio back in December in a tweet where he released an edit pack. The edit pack was free, but any donations made would go towards this studio idea of his. He wrote:

“Any $ you donate will go towards a studio space I am opening pro bono to mentor young musicians and provide them with a space to work in Vancouver.”

Ekali added that he was getting the keys soon and that he was “excited to start gearing it out…”

Well, now it would appear that he has the keys. A few days ago, he posted some in progress pictures of the studio. The series of tweets and pictures are quite humorous. They show Ekali and a few other DJs attempting to assemble IKEA furniture. TAILS, We Are Fury, Juelz and SSOS all joined in to make this studio come to life. It looked like a fun time.

There aren’t a lot of details yet about when it will be opening, or where in Vancouver it will be located. But as Ekali and his friends continue to make it a reality, he will likely release more information.

It’s really amazing that he’s doing something like this for his community. Good job Ekali!