“Drug-taking Ravers” Wreck $3.2 Million Airbnb

Photo cred: Mixmag

Elizabeth Sterling put up her $3.2 million dollar home in Kensington on Airbnb. Little did she know, 120 “drug-taking ravers” would wreck her immaculate flat in the prestigious borough of West London.

Sterling had previously rented out her flat to a series of Airbnb customers with no issue. It was an easy way for her to make money while she worked on her book.

According to Sterling, the woman who wanted to rent out the flat was smartly dressed and soft-spoken. The woman said she wanted to celebrate a pregnancy and an upcoming wedding for a small group of women.

Sterling was staying in the back of the home on the night of the party when she was woken by the ruckus of the party.

According to Sterling, “I saw four well-dressed men smoking joints. I was confused because it was supposed to be just women inside. I asked what they were doing there and one said, ‘It’s a surprise.’ I asked him to turn the music off, but it just kept getting louder. I was furious.”

“I tried to get into the house, but I was jostled and threatened as I forced my way through. Three tall girls kept asking, ‘Who are you, b**ch?’ I shouted that I was the owner of the house.”

Many of the party-goers were reportedly high on nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. The party only ended after police arrived and had an issued court-order. Sterling estimates that the party-goers caused thousands of dollars of damages. Thankfully, Airbnb offers a Host Guarantee that covers up to $1 million in damage. The company is currently looking into the incident.