Meet The Children’s DJ Play Set That’ll Make Adults Jealous

The holidays may be well over, but it’s not too late to get those forgotten gifts for your loved ones. On Amazon, we’ve found the perfect gift for those in our younger audience (or maybe even adults who are hoping to live out a lifelong dream). All you need is a little imagination and some confidence to get the show on the road.

This DJ play set has everything you need to pretend you’re headlining your favorite festival or party. For our parents out there, this may be the best gift to begin that DJ career your child is destined for. It’s never too early to get them comfortable behind the decks and in front of a crowd!

Currently, the set on Amazon is running for $40.00, in stock on January 18th! The set includes tiny headphones (non-working), interchangeable decks, and even tiny speakers that play music. Honestly, the amount of details put into the toy like the laptop screen, would make anyone’s day (don’t judge!).

To get your hands on this DJ play set, go to the official page here.