According to Reuters, Amazon might soon commence the logistics of selling event tickets across the U.S. This is a  revelation that can cause the likes of Ticketmaster to pull up their socks and do away with the slacking in customer service. The report claims that there is plenty of room in the ticketing market referring to the sports’ leagues, sports’ teams and music shows.

The e-commerce giant does have some things that work in its favour. The fact that they have contacts in the music industry and that they already have a huge Database of customer payment information works in their favour. Amazon also possesses better data handling capabilities. However, there is a slight issue which Amazon might have to address before entering the market. The clients would require specific customer data to emphasize their marketing and selling strategies. According to sources, Amazon has been an unwilling entity in this case.

If this actually goes through, Jeff Bezos’ firm can leverage and use their Prime service to a better effect. They might end up introducing strategies like pre-sales and offer other member benefits. With Ticketmaster on the receiving end of a plethora of customer complaints, this might be a silver lining for us fans and a golden opportunity for a big market player like Amazon. Only time will tell how it goes down. For now, we sit tight and wait on further news.

Source : TechCrunch