Amazon is Selling a DJ Superstar Doll for Children

If your child dreams of being the next world-class DJ, but you don’t quite feel like dropping thousands of dollars on real gear quite yet, Amazon has come out with a solution. It’s a doll, similar to an American Girl Doll, that comes with its very own deck, records, headphones, and speakers. The speakers even play music through them.

It’s a cute toy, and it’s exciting to see companies moving away from typical career dolls. You don’t even have to have a kid to get it, either. It’s very easy to see today’s top DJs and music producers having something like this. Though they will most likely secure a personalized version. Who wouldn’t want to have a doll of themselves playing music?

It’s obviously not the first music production or DJing toy that’s been released. They have mini turntables for kids to play with. But it’s possibly the first doll that exists to celebrate electronic music. And that’s exciting. Hopefully, it opens the door for more toys like this to be made. Everyone should get to play pretend as a DJ if they want.

The doll is currently $40 on Amazon, which is not a bad price at all. Get it while you can to be the EDM Superstar of your dreams.