Slushii Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Remixes ‘Baby Shark’

Readers, beware: we’re about to get one of the most viral tunes of the year stuck in your head. Sorry, not sorry. ‘Baby Shark‘ has been transformed into an even catchier rendition – one that we think you’ll actually appreciate.

It came as no surprise that Jauz‘s army of dedicated fans flocked to request a remix from the king of the Shark Squad.

Last month, the American producer vowed that if his tweet reached a seemingly impossible 20,000 retweets, that he would accept the challenge. Although his followers exceeded the goal, the founder and CEO of Bite This hasn’t lived up to his word (yet).

Yes, this is disappointing. However, in a true shark attack fashion, a surprisingly impeccable remix has been released by DJ Swoon. Swoon is none other than Slushii‘s former Soundcloud account.

Poking fun at one of his best buds, the ‘Morphine‘ musician tweeted an epic rendition of the track, ensuring that his BFF knew that he lived up the challenge.

Stream it below!

Susboy – Baby Shark (Jauz Remix) CUT