Shiba San Talks Love for NYC Ahead of Weekend Set (EXCLUSIVE)

EDMTunes had the privilege of sitting down with the eclectic Parisian Dirtybird DJ and Producer Shiba San before his Brooklyn show this Friday at the iconic Schimanski. Read below for the full exclusive!

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Shiba San Interview:

EDMTunes: What is your favorite part about playing in New York City?

Shiba San: I love traveling and seeing new places. Even though I’ve been to New York City many times, I always find something new to see, do or try. The people and energy here are some of the best in the world. When I first started my career in France as a hip-hop producer/DJ, I dreamed about playing in New York for so long.

EDMTunes: What kind of set should we be looking forward to this Friday at Schimanski?

Shiba San: I will play a lot of my new stuff, just released or to be released… I also just finished a brand new track today that I’m going to test out! Guarantee it will be a great show I know that. Expect a fun night from start to finish. Schimanski is a great venue and the fans in New York are unlike any other. I always have a good time in there.

EDMTunes: What’s the craziest moment you’ve experienced on tour this year?

Shiba San: Lollapalooza was absolutely incredible!! The crowd was massive and looked like they were having the time of their lives. My tour in Asia and Australia were amazing as well. For the first time, I saw jumping kangaroos and animals I have never seen before.

EDMTunes: You’ve played on Holy Ship and Groove Cruise and now the upcoming Friendship – how do you like playing those?

Shiba San: I love it – I can bring friends with me and have a great time together. Spending time with them and my fans, playing shows on a cruise ship – it’s always my favorite times of the year. Luckily I never get sea sick! Did I mention I am a world class ping pong player? I will be hosting a Basement Leak (my record label) ping pong tournament at FriendShip if you want to challenge me.

EDMTunes: After your most recent release of Downtown EP – what’s next for you?

Shiba San: I have another EP coming out next Friday December 14th called Your Mind on Lee Foss’ label Repopulate Mars. It’s a collab with Kevin Knapp featuring a remix by Flashmob and another solo track by me. I am constantly in the studio when I’m not on tour so there will be plenty of more releases to come next year. Stay tuned!

EDMTunes: Of the Dirtybird DJs that you haven’t collaborated with yet – who are you most excited to work with next?

Shiba San: Justin Martin is my favorite. He inspired me a lot back when I first started transitioning from hip-hop to house music. He still inspires me today in more ways than just music.

Needless to say, we’re super pumped for his show this Friday! This is definitely an event you won’t want to miss.