It comes as no surprise that Calvin Harris has a reputation for making most of us thirsty. This fact has recently brought fans to inquire about the Scottish musician’s drinking habits because, truly, how does a babe like him stay quenched?

During a recent revelation, the ‘Promises‘ producer dished that he used to consume 2 entire bottles of Jack Daniel‘s a night when touring. In addition, the EDM superstar would sleep off numerous Gregg‘s pasties (a British pastry) in his “stinking bus” throughout the course of the year.

One would think that his statement may have been exaggerated, however the multi-millionaire repeated himself, stating:

A mere 55-minute set must feel like a blur to most DJs, but for the former partying pro, we are positive that this statement is more than accurate.

Congratulations are in order: Calvin Harris, it’s been truly a pleasure seeing you escape the dark side of the electronic dance music scene. Your sobriety is a leading example to all. We wish you continued success. Lastly, we want to send our positive thoughts to those who may be living through a difficult period in their lives and are choosing alcohol to cope.

The New Year is quickly approaching – it’s never too late to start fresh!