Dash Berlin to Release New Music in 2019 Without Jeffrey Sutorius

dash berlin
Photo cred: Mandala Tickets

2018 was a roller coaster of a year for the Dutch group Dash Berlin. Until June 2018, DJ Jeffrey Sutorius and producers Eelke Kalberg and Sebastian Molijn had made up the powerhouse group.   

After a series of cancelled shows in late spring of 2018, frontman Sutorius broke the silence to tell fans that he was splitting from the group. Sutorius stated that Kalberg and Molijn forced him out of the group after the two registered the “Dash Berlin” name under their own names without Sutorius. This left Sutorius legally unable to DJ and perform under the name “Dash Berlin”.

Thus a bevy of well-publicized drama ensues, including Sutorius being blocked from his social media accounts, his announcement to perform solo, and his second press release stating years of mismanagement and neglect. The infighting and drama has left many Dash Berlin fans wondering if the group was over for good.

However, on December 28th, Kalberg and Molijn replied to a fan’s tweet that more music is coming out in 2019.

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