[WATCH] Keith Urban Performs Cover of Tiesto’s ‘Jackie Chan’ at Barclay’s Center

If you were at Keith Urban’s show at the Barclay’s Center a couple weeks ago, you may have recognized a catchy tune from Tiesto. During country artist Keith Urban’s show, he performed a short cover of Tiesto and Post Malone’s hit song “Jackie Chan”. Pretty unexpected coming from a country show, but Urban pulled it off perfectly in front of thousands of fans. From the video provided below, it sounded like the crowd knew the lyrics just fine and even enjoyed the country twist!

Nowadays, the electronic scene is always changing directions, taking on new crossovers with other genres in the music industry. Whether it’s country, rap, rock, or even classical music as seen in Creamfields’ Kaleidoscope Orchestra this year, we’ve seen it done. While not all of these experimentations work, it means that artists are open to exploring new mixes to keep the EDM scene fresh and alive. Obviously, true fans know this was not the first time we’ve seen a crossover of country and EDM. Music legend Avicii, unarguably made a huge impact with “Wake Me Up”, combining Country/Folk in the EDM scene. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Keith Urban/Tiesto collaboration later this year or 2019!

Take a look at the short clip below from Urban’s show at the Barclay’s Center!