[WATCH] Illenium’s Stunning Set from EDC Orlando

Illenials, you may rejoice because Illenium’s live set from EDC Orlando is now up on Youtube. If you were lucky enough to witness the set live then hats off to you because you get to relive that special set one more time!

Out of the many artists that performed this past weekend, there was no question that Illenium threw down one of the most effervescent and high energy sets of them all. From start to finish, the set will have you entranced with the sensual vocals of all his tracks while making you dance to your heart’s desire with the heavy hitting drops. In addition to all of this, the Awake 2.0 set featured a live band of talented musicians gliding through euphoric chords and riffs. His latest songs ‘Take You Down’ and ‘God Damnit’ will have you feeling some sort of way.

Unfortunately, only 45 minutes of Illenium’s set was captured on the stream but nonetheless, still a spectacle to watch so enjoy!