SN0WMASS & Synymata – The Future

SN0WMASS & Synymata – The Future

Up-and-coming artist SN0WMASS just released a bass-heavy banger collaborating with Synymata on upstart Parisian record label, Synesthesia Records. Titled ‘Future‘, it definitely gives off an electro buzz feel comparable to roaming the streets in a Blade Runner atmosphere. As it begins, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

The anonymous duo teamed up on this hit to take you through a mid-tempo journey. At the first drop, it brings industrial heat. Followed by a second, rowdier bass rush, headbang away or feel the power reign over you. Heavily influenced by the mid-tempo powerhouses, like 1788-L and other pioneers of the genre, this track elevates their music game to new heights. It is a future worth strapping into so get ready – you haven’t seen the last of this guy.

Just Who is SN0WMASS?

The new melodic bass artist hails from the Midwest and is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. His beginnings in dark, edgy alternative music has graduated him from snowboy to snowman with a top hat. With a growing appreciation for innovative, esoteric electronic music, he’s here to sweep the nation. Hard at work still in his frozen tundra of a desk, he’s dominating 2018 with this fifth release of new music.


The man behind the alternating purple-and-orange mask has released many interesting pieces over the last year. He’s aligned with sounds reminiscent of Illenium and k?d, so the melodic bass lane in this collab is where he dwells best. His usage of upbeat and bright melodic elements have brought his music to its utmost potential.

Interested in seeing more of what this masked marvel will be playing next? Get to know this snowman and listen to his latest track below.

SN0WMASS & Synymata – The Future