The Chainsmokers took to Reddit to announce their favorite EDM songs of All-Time. Some say these songs were the golden age of EDM. Others might have a totally different top 5. But, we all can pretty much agree that one of these five would probably be on our list either way. They also suggested there should be a festival where only classic EDM songs are played. Now that would be one incredible show.

Their top 5 are:

deadmau5 – “Strobe”

Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close”

“Pressure” – Alesso Remix

Avicii – “Seek Romance”

Swedish House Mafia – “Leave the World Behind”

It is one solid list. It makes you begin to wonder what your top 5 would be. I would have to at least put “Roses” in mine. The great part about such a list is songs have different meanings to people. Someone’s top 5 list is most likely to be filled with songs they have a personal connection to. Ones where they can remember when they first heard that song. Ones that give them a feeling like no other song can.

The Subreddit has attracted a lot of comments and most agree with The Chainsmokers. “Strobe” seems to be a favorite of pretty much everyone. Many complained of lack of Progressive House producing these days. And I agree! A favorite genre of so many needs a rebirth. Maybe Swedish House Mafia is going to lead the charge. Let us know what your Top 5 EDM songs of all-time would be!

The Chainsmokers’ top 5 EDM songs of all time from EDM