Lido – Ex

lido ex

Lido – Ex

Peder Losnegård, also known as Lido, recently put out a new EP called I O U 2. This is a follow-up to his September release of I O U 1. The song that has caught everyone’s attention is the first in the EP, ‘Ex’.

The reason for this is Lido’s tweet from a few days ago where he thanked the people who helped him. On the list: Skrillex, Madeon, Halsey, DJ Slow, Bun B, and Kiara Ana Perico. The tweet ends with a cheeky “I O U”. Is that a nod to the name of the EP, or is he declaring that he literally owes them? No one knows.

This tweet definitely got the internet talking, specifically Madeon’s community. The fans are so desperate for the French producer to release something, any time his name is mentioned, they eat it up.

The track itself is solid. The lyrics and vocals do feel a bit weak compared to the beautiful track behind it. But it isn’t a fault of the vocals, more a testament of how great the rest of it is. The strings, especially, shine through. It’s an orchestral movement that shifts into electronic, then back out. It’s an experience that creates something melancholy.

Listen to ‘Ex’ below.