Ever Since their return at Ultra Miami this year. Swedish House Mafia has been steadily building up towards the inevitable 2019 tour announcement. While we all await the tour announcement, some have been noticing posters popping up around the world hinting that the tour dates might be dropping soon. Like last time, posters have been spotted again in various locations in Stockholm. One of them is their iconic 3 dot logo flashing in a digital ad stand. While the other two being Google searches of the word “Swedish” with “Swedish House Mafia” coming up as the 1st suggested result.

What could all this mean? Could this be some kind of location reveal for the 2019 Tour? Or is this just to build up hype for the announcement? Whatever it may be, keep your eyes peeled for any kind of announcement and posters because you might just be seeing them popping up near you.

The flashing digital ad, blink and you’d miss it

Google knows what we all want to search for

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Photo Credits RUDGR