Deadmau5 Gives Update After Twitter Meltdown & Returns to Touring

By now it’s well known that deadmau5 got into some big trouble with the social media mob and was chased off the internet after a series of trolly Mau5 tweets. He decided to take a break from Twitter and even cancelled a few big shows. This left fans wondering what would become of the rest of his touring schedule.

Recently one of his European venues assured fans that, yes, Deadmau5 would be performing. Now Deadmau5 himself is giving an update. He let fans know he is working with some sort of “health professional” and is feeling better. He also confirmed he would make his European shows this month. However, the Mau5 is still not returning to Twitter and he’s letting his label team manage the social media side for a bit. You can see his full update below.