[WATCH] Martin Garrix Releases ‘Access’ Music Video

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Martin Garrix – Access (Music Video)

Martin Garrix has been all the rage the past few days. He has been flooding our ears with a new song every day this week. With his upcoming performances for Amsterdam Dance Event this weekend, there is no question that the hype at those performances will be off the charts. ‘Access’ is Martin’s 4th release as part of his Plus‘ EP.

At first listen, ‘Access’ gives off the same vibe as ‘Forbidden Voices’. Solely relying on vibrant melodies and infectious beats, the song puts a smile on any listener’s face. Martin has a talent for being able to inject emotions into songs that don’t have vocals. Thanks to the video, we are able to see the story Garrix had envisioned while producing the song. Join the protagonist as he journies through multiple virtual environments to reach the ending destination in the video below.