[Premiere]: Warden – Emerge EP

Warden Emerge EPWarden – Emerge EP

There are many artists that like to pull inspiration from other genres besides their own. But few are able to masterfully blend so many varying styles like LA-based producer Warden can. From DnB & dubstep to trap to house & techno, he manages to pull it all off with aplomb. And now he’s showcasing that ability with his brand new four track Emerge EP.

 “When it comes time to start writing an EP I like to approach it with a solid idea of how I want the atmosphere to feel. I really wanted to create a sense of dark creepy unease followed by powerful heavy drops. I also like to combine different elements from different genres to challenge the listener into maybe liking something they never thought they would. Emerge really sets the tone for what’s to come with Warden and I hope everyone is ready. Enjoy.”

It’s definitely safe to say Warden accomplished what he set out to do with his Emerge EP. Opening up with ‘Black‘, he sets the tone with a bass-y techno piece flavored with just a hint of DnB. From there he takes listeners on a house ride with ‘Control‘ and ‘Work’ before closing out with ‘Disfunction‘, a trap influenced bass track. While every track is unique in their own right, all four pull together to form a cohesive body of work with their underlying dark vibes.

Give Warden’s Emerge EP a listen below and be sure to keep an eye out for his next release.

Warden – Emerge EP | Download