Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground

Tom Morello – The Atlas Underground

This past July, we brought you news of Tom Morello‘s upcoming album titled ‘Atlas Underground‘. Well, good news: the album is finally out, and music lovers everywhere couldn’t be happier. It takes a different direction than most of Morello’s previous works, as it features fresh artists and vocalist that we’ve yet to see him work with in years past.

‘Atlas Underground’ features a wide range of electronic artists such as Herobust & RZA on ‘Lead Poisoning’ and Pretty Lights on ‘One Nation’. Atlas also features hip-hop vocalists such as Killer Mike & Big Boi on ‘Rabbit’s Revenge’. While these collabs are no doubt groundbreaking, the ‘Rage Against The Machine’ guitarist doesn’t stop here. Underground also features Steve AokiBassnectar, even Knife Party.

While we could go on and on about the album’s tracks & collaborations, we won’t – we’ll give you a chance to check it out yourself yourself. The Atlas Underground contains 12 tracks with an average run time of about 3.5 minutes. That being said, we think you’ll have more than enough to enjoy.

The album is available everywhere and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

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