Hardwell on Hiatus – Watch His Final Show

Hardwell Final Show
Being on top of the world is not always an easy task. And while some people might think that music stars have the perfect life, traveling around the world and partying everyday, it is often far from the healthiest lifestyle. Recently, Robbert van de Corput, a.k.a. Hardwell, has made a public announcement stating that he will be taking a break from touring for a while. And, while this is not a goodbye forever, it will take some time before we see him on stage again.

As for the reasons for taking this pause, Hardwell has cut straight to the point:

“Being Hardwell 24/7 leaves too little energy, love, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person to do so. This is why I have decided to clear my schedule indefinitely to be completely liberated from targets, interviews, deadlines, release dates, etc.”

A wise move indeed, and we are eager to see what Hardwell will bring us once he feels ready to come back.

Fully devoted to his fans, Hardwell will be throwing one final gig next week during  Amsterdam Dance Event. Along with the Metropole Orkest, he will present Symphony – The Global Revolution of Dance, in a completely sold out show for all ages on October 18th at 20:00 pm CEST at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam. This will be a legendary performance. So if you couldn’t make it there, make sure to tune in from wherever you are. Go Hardwell or Go Home!