[Event Review] Minimal Effort’s All Hallows Eve

boys Noize all hallows eve
Photo Credit: Ryan Ramos.

The Belasco Theater in Downtown LA was the place to be this Halloweekend. Minimal Effort’s All Hallows Eve party was a blast from start to finish. They went all out transforming the venue into a spooky and atmospheric playground for us to make our way through.

The Stages

There were three stages, each with their own vibe. Guests were encouraged to move throughout them at their leisure, taking in the decor and the music at whatever pace they wanted. The complete openness and freedom means that everyone’s experience that night is unique.

On the main stage, it felt like an old haunted house. There were cobwebs and an old lampshade. Candlesticks and an array of fake flowers. Perhaps it was a shrine? Hard to say but it looked cool, which is all that really matters.

In the basement, the decorations were more simple. There was a disco surrounded by string lights that blinked and twinkled, changing color to set the mood.

Upstairs we found ourselves in the creepy clown room. A grotesque and honestly horrifying face stared out from the stage. While signs behind the artists declared ‘Dead Inside’ and ‘Turn Back’. None of this stopped the room from filling up with people eager to listen to the music.

The Music

The music itself was superb. Great choices all around. There was never a moment when people weren’t dancing. Even when the event just started, and there were only four people on the dancefloor, they were still into it.

There was a lot of variety, especially moving through each stage. One of the most interesting parts was going into the Clown Room. This stage was on the upper level overlooking the main stage. It was a shock that no sound from the main stage leaked into the other room. And it felt like moving between worlds going from one room to another.

The most impressive part of the music, however, was how seamless it was. Each artist flowed perfectly into the next. There was never a moment with dead air. This kept the energy alive. The coordination was unreal.

The Standout Acts

As for the acts themselves, there were two who stood out. The first was Louisahhh, the modern day Queen of France. She was the first artist where you could really see people paying attention. She commanded the whole room. This was a few hours into the event after these people had been dancing and drinking, so it was no easy task. But she got on stage, and from the very first beat, the audience was hers.

Throughout her set, she had two dancers on either side of her that moved along with her music. It was beautiful and hypnotic. These two women in fishnets made the whole thing feel so intimate.

Immediately following her, was the biggest and boldest act of the night, Boys Noize. It came with no surprise that his set was mindblowing. He began with a Halloween introduction. Really the only nod to the theme of the event, other than the decorations and people in costume. Once that was over, he dove right into a high-energy set.

He had everyone entranced. This feeling of being captured by his sound was strengthened by the lights. A net of lasers laying on the crowd, moving and undulating in time with the music. There was no escape from Boys Noize, and he knew it. Truly a sight to behold.

The Small Complaint

All Hallows Eve was a great night. Truly enjoyable on multiple accounts. The idea of turning this huge venue into an all-you-can-eat buffet of different sights and sounds was fun. It brought the big-time festival feel into a single building. However, there was a problem.

There was no listing of who was playing where at what time. Before the event, I listed the three acts I wanted to see the most, but because I didn’t know who was playing where I ended up only getting to enjoy one of them.

The stages were separated by multiple flights of stairs and after traversing them a few times, it ended up being more enjoyable just to be by the main stage and listen to whoever was there.

If there had been a sign saying “Nicola Cruz will be here later” I would have spent more time in the other stages so I did feel like I missed out in some regard, but part of that was my own fault for sticking to one stage for a majority of the night.

What Comes Next

Minimal Effort has proven time and again that they know how to throw a party. The small complaint aside, this event was amazing. For those that missed it, they will be back for New Year’s Eve! If they can make weekend before Halloween feel this special, there’s no telling what they’ll do to welcome in 2019.

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday, November 5th for the lineup announcement. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, November 7th.

Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this!