Minimal Effort’s All Hallows Eve is just around the corner. Held in the historic Belasco Theater in Downtown LA, it’s an event that you don’t want to miss. On Saturday, October 27th, the cavernous theater will be decorated to the fullest. There will be multiple stages, each with their own unique aesthetic. In addition to the decorated stages, there will be multiple lounges and bars to make your way through.

Then, of course, there’s the music.

All Hallow’s Eve features a wide variety of talent. This blending of genres is what Minimal Effort is known for. There are so many acts to enjoy, but here are three that you absolutely can’t miss.

Nicola Cruz

Hailing from Ecuador, Nicola Cruz is a crusader of his self-made genre “Andes Step”. His music is an atmospheric blend of Ecuadorian folk sounds and more modern electronic beats. The marriage of the two creates something out of this world and completely beautiful. He has an album coming up very soon, so there is a possibility he may slip in some new tracks at the show. But whether he does or not, his immersive sound mixed together with the beauty of the Belasco is going to be an unforgettable experience.

Boys Noize

Alex Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, is a German DJ and producer. Rolling Stone named him one of the Top 10 DJ’s who Rule the World. He mixes upbeat almost hip-hop beats with heavier, thrumming bass. His sound is one that sticks with you. With his fourth studio album, ‘Strictly Raw, Vol. 2’, having come out earlier this year, there is a lot to enjoy. Make sure to come to his set to experience the man who has lovingly been dubbed “techno punk, the unboxable nomad”.


The trio from Copenhagen, WhoMadeWho, fit in with Minimal Effort’s aesthetic perfectly. They rarely stick to one genre. One part Indie Rock, two parts dance-punk, all wrapped around in a blanket of Experimental Pop. You get everything when you listen to them. They released their most recent album, ‘Through The Walls’, at the beginning of this year. This is a band that has been together since 2003, their live show is without a doubt one that has been finely-tuned with each year that they’ve been together.

These are just three of the over 13 acts that are going to be playing at All Hallows Eve. Tickets are still available, so if you’re in Downtown LA, or feel like hopping on a plane, definitely pick one up while you can.

And we’ll see you on Saturday!

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