[WATCH] Skrillex Full Set at Listen Out Festival

Every day we are getting closer to the full return of Skrillex to EDM, and needless to say everybody is getting very antsy. We’ve been getting news of new music and new tour dates, but what we haven’t gotten in a long time is a full HQ festival set to stream. While we aren’t there yet, we do have an (almost) full live set from Skrillex at Melbourne’s Listen Out Festival over the weekend.

At a little over an hour, the set is full of new bootlegs and IDs like “Ping Pong” and that Travis Scott Remix. It all gives plenty of indication as to why everybody is hyping up this Skrillex return so much. We’ll admit the sound quality is far from perfect on this, but we can’t be far off from the real return right? All aboard the album hype train!