Skrillex is Working on Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Theme Song

First released on the Playstation 2 in 2002, the original Kingdom Hearts was an immediate hit. The action-roleplaying video game series united two seemingly disparate worlds: Disney and Final Fantasy. Over the past 16 years, Kingdom Hearts has spanned 12 original titles released on almost every major video game platform. The latest installment, which is only the 3rd numbered entry, is set to drop on January 29, 2019. While anticipation for the game has reached peak levels, dance music fans have one more reason to get excited: Skrillex is lending a hand with Kingdom Hearts 3’s opening theme song.


Per ASCAP, the game’s opening theme song will be written by Utada Hikaru, Skrillex, and Poo Bear. This is especially noteworthy as the series’ music has always been a highpoint for fans. Utada Hikaru performed “Simple & Clean,” for the original game and that track is beloved by video gamers and even had some mainstream appeal. Titled “Face My Fears,” Kingdom Hearts 3’s opening theme song has just ensured anticipation for this Xbox One and PS4 title will reach a fever pitch. Also, in a bit of foreshadowing, Skrillex posted a photo from the series to Instagram in 2016 indicating he was a fan of the games.