DRUU & Holly T – Just You & I

After a series of successful single releases, New York City based producer DRUU ends the summer on a high note by releasing ‘Just You & I’ with Holly T. DRUU’s uplifting vibes and Holly T’s beautiful vocals come together perfectly in this incredible Tropical House track. From start to finish, the track is filled with the sounds of ambient percussion, ocean waves, and bright dance keys that take your mind to another place. It’s a perfect way to chill, relax, or zone out from work. The inspiring lyrics written by Jason Standard and Holly T talk about breaking away and chasing dreams together. The song makes you feel like anything is possible.

Since its release, ‘Just You & I’ has been very well received. The song quickly found its way on the notable Spotify playlists Friday Cratediggers and Dance Rising (formerly Fresh Electronic) that feature dance tracks on the come up. With all this new attention, we can’t wait to hear what these two come out with next. You can check out ‘Just You & I’ out everywhere now!

Be sure to listen to the track below!