[Interview] We Chatted With Cash Cash About Their Evolution in Music and Huge Upcoming Collabs


The Jersey boys of Cash Cash returned to the Tri-State area to perform at Electric Zoo for what was an outstanding performances for the thousands of fans in attendance. We were able to catch them for a quick chat after their Mainstage performance to discuss upcoming music, touring in Asia and just their evolution is music production throughout the years.

You guys haven’t always been in EDM. In 2009, you guys released a song called ‘Party In Your Bedroom’. So how did you guys go from that to ‘Surrender’ or ‘Lightning’ or just EDM in general?

The cool thing is if you listen to that album you’ll notice that there were a lot of electronic elements to that album. A lot of electronic drums and synthesizers and just chopping stuff up and nerdy stuff. We always produce our own music so we always wanted to try new things. And then eventually we produced a few pop songs where we were singing on them and we even put out a few tracks on Spinnin’ Records which opened our eyes to new genres of music. It was just a really slow evolution that brought us to where we are today but if you look back at our whole journey, it really all makes sense. Just going back to ‘The Beat Goes On’ and ‘Overtime EP’, it was just a gradual thing.

Well just continuing off that question, you guys haven’t always toured in the EDM world either. You once toured with the Vans Warped Tour in 2009. Definitely a big tour but not EDM at all. On that tour you toured with names such as 3OH3! and All Time Low. How does that differ to that of touring with Tritonal and other DJs?

It’s honestly a very similar vibe, you’re just hanging out with your friends and as long as the fans are having a good time, that’s all that matters. A good show is a good show. Whether there is 1,000 people there or 20,000 people there as long as everyone is having a good time.

How about the vibes from the crowd, is there any difference in that aspect?

The biggest difference is that there is more positivity in the EDM community opposed to that of the rock community or the emo community. It’s just the PLUR lifestyle. People come here to have a good time and meet people, it’s more community based. It’s crazy to see the connection.

Throughout the years, you guys have done tons of collabs with various artists. What’s the craziest collab story, you guys have?

Probably working with Nelly. We were working until like 4 or 5 in the morning. I remember leaving the studio and the sun was already up. He was just smoking blunt after blunt, just chainsmoking blunts, I’ve never seen that in my life. We brought in the full bar too so yeah it was a lot of fun. We had the vibe set, was in the studio 2 days with him for 10 hour sessions and I could barely say my name by the time we were done but yeah we just had a great time.

Your most recent collab was ‘Finest Hour’ with Abir. You even brought her out on stage to perform on the mainstage with you guys just before. Tell me more about that collaboration and how it came to be.

She was just a local girl too just like us and we heard her voice and it was simply incredible. She sang on this Macklemore song that really caaught our attention and we just hit her up and she was into our tracks too so everything worked out really well.

The 3 of you have produced so many songs, do you guys have a favorite production?

Definitely ‘Lighting‘, ‘Belong‘, ‘How To Love‘ and ‘All My Love‘. Working with Conor Maynard and Dashboard Confessional were really great experiences.

An Asia Tour is coming up real soon for you guys, can you tell me more about the Asian performances and how it differs from performing in Europe or the States.

Asia is actually a big part of our fanbase so we try to get there as much as we can. It’s tough to hit everywhere in Asia in one shot since it’s so big but we love the culture and the food so yeah definitely try too get out there as much as possible.

Do you guys have any upcoming tracks or projects you want to share with our readers?

We were just in the studio with Cher Lloyd and we made a really special song. Not sure if it’s our next one but it’s coming along really good. We also have been working with P!nk on a new song so that is another big one. We have a bunch of finished songs as well so just a lot of new music coming real soon!