MSG Sphere Officially Underway in Las Vegas


MSG Sphere in Las VagasThe ground has officially been broken on MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. The 18,000 seat venue will be located near Sands’ Venetian and Palazzo Complex. It is expected to open in 2021. The innovative arena is looking to forever change the experience of traditional live performances.

The exterior will be a 350-foot round dome that is fully programmable to visualize a number of things from the earth itself to the surrounding skylines. The interior might be even more remarkable than the outside. It will not only feature a spherical display pane but have a state of the art “beam-forced” sound transmission with an “infrasound” haptic flooring systems. That is a lot of fancy words. Basically, you will be able to feel every vibration the sound produces thanks to thousands of tiny speakers embedded in the walls. The beam-forming acoustic system will produce customized sounds for each member in the audience.

Rendering of Daft Punk performing at MSG Sphere

Why does this matter to EDM fans? The BASS of course. We will be able to experience the bass more than ever before through the floor system. We can only begin to imagine the what-if scenarios. I am sure plenty of DJs would like to perform at the sphere causing rejoice to all ravers. And as EDC week rolls around, there will be plenty of artists in the area.

We are very excited about MSG Sphere to be completed and experience dance music like never before. Imagine having the opportunity to listen to your favorite DJ while being mesmerized by amazing visuals. Sounds pretty amazing to me. To see the video of ground officially being broken click here.