10 Reasons Missing Dirtybird Campout West Coast is NOT an Option

It’s less than one week until the start of Dirtybird Campout West Coast. Early Arrival begins Thursday, October 4th and the birds are already starting to migrate to Northern California in anticipation. With sold out GA tier tickets, it’s sure to be a packed event. And Dirtybird is adding a bit of new flair to this event as they settle into a new location for the fourth installment of Campout. In anticipation of next weekend, we put together a list of ten reasons why any fan of underground house and techno simply cannot afford to miss this event.

10. California

For those Birds not native to the West Coast, this trip presents an exciting opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. Although you may be travelling to Cali to shake your booty to some house music, don’t miss this opportunity to explore San Francisco or some of the National Parks in Norcal.

9. Team Events and Field Games

One of the most distinct features of Dirtybird Campout is the Field Games that take place during the festival. Make sure to head over to the Games HQ, find out your team color, grab a bandana and get out and play! Whether you like kickball, badminton or cornhole, your team needs your help to win. You’ll even get a custom Dirtybird patch for participating! Will the Green Team take the win two Campouts in a row?

8. Activities

Like the field games, the non-physical activities at Dirtybird Campout are part and parcel of the experience. Go make a custom tye dye with Mikey Lion or hit up the totem workshop so all your friends can find you in the crowd. But make sure you get there early, the lines for the most popular activities are always long!

7. The Bunkhouse

The third piece of the unique experience called Dirtybird Campout is the undeniably exciting Bunkhouse! A performance area dedicated to all sorts of non-musical artistic endeavors, you’ll find some of the most unique experiences here. From a talent show to a comedy showcase there’s nothing like The Bunkhouse anywhere else. Don’t miss the drag show or the online group meetup with FREE BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER!

6. New Location – Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds

New is always exciting and that goes for venue changes as well! This is the first time Dirtybird Campout will be held at the Modesto Reservoir Campgrounds which means it will be a brand new experience for everyone involved. Check out the detailed map provided by the Dirtybird Team and figure out the layout of the grounds before you get too involved in the festivities. Big ups to Jmmy Jmmy on Facebook for walking the grounds beforehand to give everyone a better idea of the size and travel time across the Reservoir.

5. Swimming!

For the first time EVER Campers will be able to swim at Dirtybird Campout!! At East Coast Campout attendees were warned to stay away from the water. There were even signs posted advising campers about the danger of alligators in the swamp. But the Modesto Reservoir is completely alligator free! So feel free to dip your toes in and relax!

4. Silent Disco

Another big first for the Dirtybird Team is the late night Silent Disco! Although sound ordinances prevent the stages and renegade sound camps from staying open all night, it wouldn’t be a Dirtybird party if it ended at 2 A.M. From 2:30-5:30 enjoy a 3 channel Silent Disco featuring some of your favorite Dirtybird artists and surprise guests!

3. Trading Goodies

It wouldn’t be a Campout without lots of Birdfam trading their custom Dirtybird creations. From patches to stickers to bracelets and more, swapping crafts and the memories that go with them is one of the best ways to meet new friends! It may be too late to order patches or stickers but get your creative juices flowing and figure out something unique and personal to bring and trade! You won’t regret it! Thanks to Tony Contreras and his friends who will be handing out these beauties during Campout!

2. The Artists AKA Camp Counselors

Everyone dreams of meeting their favorite artists at a festival. Well at Campout you’ll be hard pressed NOT to meet several of your favorite DJs. Sure you’ll see them on stage but they also host all the games, activities and Bunkhouse events. But don’t be surprised if you turn around and see Claude VonStroke in the crowd partying harder than anyone else in the place. These guys got there because they love the music so expect them to enjoy it as well!

1. The Dirtybird Family

Above all the biggest and best reason for you never to miss a Campout is the Dirtybird Family as a whole. From the moment you step onto the campgrounds expect to be treated like family by everyone involved. Loving, caring and supporting one another is a huge part of this festival. Be nice, be genuine, be responsible, and you’ll be greeted with open arms. There is no group on earth that is more welcoming and open than the community built around the Dirtybird movement.