Getter – Visceral


Getter – Visceral

Today, Getter (aka Tanner Petula), released his newest album ‘Visceral’. The 12-track LP has been released through deadMau5’s label Mau5trap, rather than Getter’s own label, Shred Collective.

This album is complex. It has such a strong narrative focus and each song leads perfectly into the next. The intro ‘Purgatory’ is a frantic and harried dive head first into this trek through Getter’s mind. It sets us up to realize that we are in for a long journey ahead, one that isn’t going to be easy.

In ‘Part of Me’ things calm down, but firmly root us in a negative headspace. “It’s my fault. That’s what you said,” and “Don’t break down,” are two pleading mantras interwoven throughout a seemingly upbeat song. On the surface, this song is all cheer.

The album continues to move through this negative headspace, getting deeper and darker into the story. Though the lyrics get progressively more unhappy, it is important to note that the music itself remains upbeat and falsely positive. Until, that is, we get to the interlude ‘Colorblind’.

This song is without a doubt the most interesting song on the album. It takes such a drastic turn from the first half of the album, and really signals a change, setting us up for the second half. This song is so jam-packed full of emotion. With a backing of falling rain, it’s very easy to imagine Getter screaming these words up to the dark, empty sky. In an interview with Run the Trap, Getter explained the motivation behind the song:

“The vocal section was written when I was super fucking depressed and questioning my own existence. One of the only things that got me through it was writing these lyrics and recording them alone in my studio. The drop represents the madness in my head: I’m right, I’m wrong, I’m good, I suck, just like arguing in my brain.”

The song just ends as we’re lost in these feelings. We’re immediately thrust into the next song, ‘Made For You’. This song is heavier than the first five, but the lyrics are more uplifting. It’s a song of love. It’s not happy, but there are threads of hope.

This is how the second half of the album goes. It gets progressively lighter and more upbeat after the breakdown in ‘Colorblind’. It’s a mirror image of the first half which is such a genius move.

The album ends with ‘On my Way Out’ a song that feels like a content goodbye.

With Visceral, Getter leads us through an epic saga. A truly masterful story in twelve parts. “Every song represents a piece of me or a part of my life.”

Thank you so much Tanner, for sharing this emotional journey through your life with us.