ARTY – Perfect Strangers

ARTY Perfect Strangers

ARTY – Perfect Strangers

In a world of big room house, ARTY just released the perfect one titled ‘Perfect Strangers‘. Distinctive to his sound and style, this melodic banger is out now for listening. This is a solid track already been well received by fans. The Russian dance icon has been churning out singles by the minute. We are very impressed; he hasn’t let us down yet!

This song is a powerful, uplifting anthem filled with his signature chords and beautiful vocals that create the vibe. Sturdy progressive house drops drive the tempo. And the melody, arrangement and voice connect with each other and with us on all levels. You’ll want to dance to this one, if not already as he has played tidbits of this song at several shows. Listen to the lyrics and feel your soul rise. This is why we love him.

Definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve produced this year – ARTY

Arty happened upon this record when played around with different instruments and melodies for a new track he had in mind. It just goes to show you, you can’t rush art. The cover artwork features the Kuala Lampur Skyline and their iconic Petronas Twin Towers and it is a beauty. It captures the essence of everything our EDM heavyweight is. He is a purebred of greatness in his music. He exemplifies that to us in all his nineteen releases these past nine months.

With a very catchy tune and awesome groove, catch a breath of fresh air with this song. We know he’s continuing on his path of progressive house roots. He gains amazing reactions from his crowds. The energy is high and the emotions soar. If you’ve never seen ARTY or his trance alias–ALPHA 9–you need to. Listen to the track below!

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