Facebook Rolls Out New Messenger Design to Select Users

New features to include a dark mode and cleaner interface

An app is only as good as its interface. This statement rings true time and time again when it comes to popular social media apps. Take Snapchat for example. Remember when the once reigning social app was dethroned by a confusing interface? Sorry Snapchat, you’ll never live that down. Facebook Messenger is another prime example of a bogged down user interface, with too much clutter. But, Facebook is trying to fix their mangled messenger, and back in May they announced some changes would be coming to Messenger soon. Now, we’ve got word that these changes are being rolled out to limited users.

According to AndroidPolice, their ‘tipster’ reported “the new design appeared on their Messenger app without an update. It was a server-side change and, suddenly, everything was different. The bottom bar has three tabs only, with the camera and new chat button moving to the top right.”

There is no word on whether or not the other promised features like integrated augmented reality experiences or language translation are also being rolled out. AndroidPolice also wrote they didn’t have any screenshots of the coveted dark mode.

All that’s left to do is wait.

h/t: AndroidPolice