Deadmau5 and Rezz Continue to Tease Forthcoming New Track

Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Rezz (Isabelle Rezazadeh) are officially collaborating on a new track. It was first mentioned in a tweet from Deadmau5 earlier this year, however a tweet from Rezz yesterday makes us feel like it might be coming sooner than we think.

She stated that while working in the Deadmau5 studio she felt “spoiled having access to so many sounds.” Soon afterward, she tweeted a teaser with the caption “Rezzmau5”

Rezz, who is signed to Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap, said in her Reddit AMA last year that she always wanted to collaborate with him. She even cites a Deadmau5 concert as being the inspiration to create her own music, meaning this song must be a dream come true for her.

Back in May, Deadmau5 teased a bit of the song on his Instagram. While Rezz was working in his studio yesterday, he decided to give us a little glimpse into what she was doing.

For his twitch stream, he plays the live feed of the security cameras in his studio. Showing Rezz amidst all of his equipment he amusedly asks, “What is she doing…”, then turns on the sound. Very heavy bass filters come in and he can only comment “Damn.”

He reveals she’s in there working on their track together. “She’s in there doing little edits and crap that is really annoying for me.” Since she was the one who asked for the collaboration in the first place, it seems only fair.

We still don’t know when this track will be released, but it seems like it might be soon. Most likely it will be part of the big Halloween surprise that Rezz mentioned.

Watch Deadmau5 “spy” on Rezz below.