If you’re one of the thousands of people who want Apple to switch out the lightning cable with USB Type-C, you might be in luck. Apple has been reluctant to give up their flagship charging cable even though it doesn’t offer anything a Type-C cable cannot do. Unless you have a wireless charging iPhone, the pesky cord is your only choice to keep your device alive.

According to reports, European regulators are working to force Apple to switch charging cords to USB Type-C, what almost every other smartphone uses. Regulators want a standard phone charger to cut down on over 51,000 tons of old chargers and cables disposed of each year. Honestly, it’s not surprising that so many chargers are thrown away each year; we all know how much Apple cords break off at the tip!

In 2009, tech giants Apple, Nokia, and Samsung signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to use a standardized micros USB connector. Unfortunately, the signed agreement did not work as planned. Apple found a way to bend the rules by creating a micro USB to lightning adapter that was included with their products. In turn, they were able to continue selling their lightning cable.

Switching to a Type-C cable would also save consumers money when they want to “fast-charge” and consolidate cables with other devices. Currently, in order to fast-charge your iPhone, you must buy an expensive charging brick and a USB Type-C cable/adapter. Since most devices use Type-C today, if Apple switched cords, you could bring one cord for all of your devices. With a brand new lineup of devices set to launch later this year, Apple may finally decide it’s time for change.