Goodbye Papi Gordo, Hello El Diablo

El DiabloCarnage Going El Diablo

Few DJ/Producers are able to grab the spotlight the way that Carnage can, for better or worse. Whether it’s a Twitter rant, a Twitter feud, or his reallife antics, there is no denying that carnage has the ability to make heads turn. This time Carnage grabbed everyone’s attention with an ominous social media post.

In the post, the Guatemalan born DJ/Producer states that “It’s time for me to get back on my bullshit.” He also makes the statement that “Papi Gordo is dead” in its place, “EL DIABLO will be taking over”. Dance music enthusiasts will recognize that ‘Papi Gordi’ is one of the monikers that Carnage goes by, so its strange to see him claim it is dead. The “Plur Genocide‘ followed up his post, with another of him playing a track which had the lyric of his possible new moniker pre-drop. Only time will tell if this a new direction Carnage is going to be moving towards stylistically, or just a one-off hype track. Could it simply be a new Instagram account? Who knows. Regardless, the track is actually pretty dope.¬†Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.