Capa Opens Up About Personal Issues in Revealing Social Media Post


Cawah Passereh, better known by his stage name Capa, has revealed some very private information about himself and his struggles. Capa took to Facebook to talk about his recent struggles in his personal life. In his revealing post, he addresses some “heavy” and overwhelming” items that took him away from producing music the past six months. Capa’s personal issues include his lack of energy, motivation, as well as getting his mental health back on track.

Here is the unabridged Facebook post from Capa:

His goal seemed to reassure family, friends and fans that he is now in good mental health. It appears a cathartic post, allowing him to be open and honest as part of his process. Considering the current landscape of artists working themselves into exhaustion, this comes as a refreshing reminder that with passion and success comes a hefty price.

This Is Becoming a Scary Trend

We are all aware of what happened with Tim Bergling, aka Avicii. This includes the recent accusation by Avicii’s family of mistreatment from his manager. Next, the letter from Tom Swoon in prison regarding his DUI manslaughter and mental instability. After that, the open suicide note from artist Two Feet which he posted on social media for all. Finally, the open post from Illenium where he touched on his heroin addiction and how it almost killed him.

There is a clear and present problem with mental and physical health in this genre of music we love. Expecting DJs to provide life, energy and passion day in and day out in an atmosphere deriving around partying is a direct cause of these issues. The toll it takes on the individual is overwhelming, and it will take more brave people to speak up in order to see real change.

Let’s continue to support these artists any way we can. As Paavo from Above & Beyond writes – let’s accept everyone for who they are.