Paavo from Above & Beyond Opens Up about Mental Health

We all have those days in which we just feel a little bit down. Life happens so fast, that sometimes we even forget how to be happy. For the record, let us tell you that you’re not alone in this, and sharing these thoughts might not only be a way for you to comfort yourself, but it could also be the perfect way to help those around you. Above & Beyond‘s DJ & Producer Paavo Siljamäki reminded us today that even our idols might face such moments in life from time to time, and that in order to overcome them, we shall admit our fears in the first place.

In a very touching message on Above & Beyond’s official Facebook and Instagram, Paavo took the time to express how struggling with anxiety and stress has always been a part of his life and his career, and how it’s always a good idea to reach out for help and open up about our feelings:

“I am personally recovering from my second burn out in my life, in part I went that way due to the way I’m wired, partially due to the pressures of artist, personal and family life, and also due to past trauma. I am incredibly grateful for finding help through Hoffman Process – real group therapy – that I went through in January, and that has given me so many great tools for helping me cope with myself, my stress and my anxiety – things that I still find challenging. But it’s also been a journey of little victories – I’m learning to accept myself as the vulnerable being that I am.”

Don’t be afraid to talk about Mental Health. Or, as Paavo calls it, Mental Fitness. And don’t forget: you’re never alone.