Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May- End of All Things

Andrew Bayer continues to set the bar higher and higher. With the release of his fourth studio album right around the corner, the final solo release from the album has arrived. As first heard at EDC Vegas, ‘End of All Things’ is a ten-minute odyssey into the musical mind of Andrew Bayer. His upcoming album, In My Last Life, looks to be an album full of exploratory sounds from the Anjunabeats mainstay, but from early reactions to ‘End of All Things’, this track may be the cream of the crop.

‘End of All Things’ is like nothing you’ve ever heard from Andrew Bayer. Proving once again what a unique talent he is, Bayer beautifully weaves chords and melody into one powerful journey. Rather than a studio production, the track feels like a true musical composition. Bayer uses vibrant yet dark chords to bring you to the first break down. Here, Alison May’s soothing and calming vocals come in. The track continues to take you into an emotional journey until the final climax. At this point you’ll feel nothing but the raw emotion this track is meant to give off.

Andrew Bayer made what some close to Anjuna call the best track Anjunabeats has ever released. Honestly, it’s not too far off. In My Last Life comes out next Friday, August 24th. In the meantime, get ready to go down a beautiful, melodic journey with Bayer’s new track ‘End of All Things’.