Perfect Song That Reduces Anxiety by 65% is Discovered

Anxiety has been a crippling ailment for a number of centuries. This dreadful feeling of worry, panic, fear, or apprehension has plagued humanity and has been met with several remedies. The main three ways of reducing anxiety have been either pharmaceutical drugs, counseling or holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, massage or essential oils.

While most people deal with anxiety differently, the most common approach has been through the use of medication—the reason why is obvious. Both pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors receive a huge amount of money from prescribing these drugs and of course, it’s a simple quick fix. Holistic approaches have shown to be extremely beneficial as well through the use of consistent practices that induce a relaxed state.

Surveys have shown that younger generations are experiencing more stress with 57% of females experiencing “overwhelming anxiety”. As the number of people with anxiety is growing due to social pressures, technology, and rigorous schooling techniques, many sufferers have been seeking out alternative options. The most recent cure involves the field of music therapy. Neuroscientists in the United Kingdom have discovered the perfect song to help cure anxiety. In fact, the song was shown to reduce anxiety levels by 65% making it one of the most effective non-pharmaceutical treatments around.

The song was crafted with the help of sound therapists and aims to slow down the heart, lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. It lasts about 8 minutes and features a thick texture of harmonious chords and ethereal sounds guaranteed to give you a surreal, relaxed feeling.

Titled ‘Weightless’ and created by the Marconi Union, the song is best heard with headphones to receive the full effect. Take a listen below.