Zedd Previews A Beautiful New Progressive House Tune

Related imageWhen it comes to radio plays and popularity, there is no artist better than Zedd. Tracks like ’The Middle’ and ‘Stay’, helped millions of people around the world discover and fall in love with electronic music.

However, OG Zedd fans know the true sound of this impressive producer. He first started his career making strong electro and progressive house, but unfortunately for most fans, witness how he changed his sound. Back in April, he even said that he was done with the genre all together.

It seemed like all hope regarding Zedd ever creating another beautiful masterpiece like ‘Epos‘ or ‘Codec‘, were gone. However, this may not be so anymore.

In a brief clip that Zedd uploaded to his Instagram story, Zedd shows that he has completed production of a new tune. He even plays a full 10 seconds of the song, and it sounds like the makings of a quality tune.

Zedd is headlining Ultra Korea this weekend, maybe fans in attendance will get the chance to hear this beauty live. Either way, you can surely anticipate the release of this soon.