ANGELZ x Moeazy Join Forces to Create ‘ZZ’ EP

ANGELZ has joined forces with Moeazy to create their latest EP ZZ. They will also be performing together at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA, on June 15th. ANGELZ’ success in both electronic and Hip Hop allows him to seamlessly combine the two genres. Add that to Moeazy’s smooth and message-driven lyrics, this EP has a unique vibe and is definitely worth the listen.

The 5 track EP ranges from energetic beats in “Lochness” to a sultry, darker mood in “Hillsvibe” featuring Menlik and Seysey. Moeazy especially showcases his interest in social justice through clear messages and a steady rap flow in “Distractions” while ANGELZ provides a platform with minimal beats.  “IDK” features ANGELZ’ deep knowledge of Bass music. This creates an upbeat track with a perfect blend of hip hop throughout. “Finalevel” even samples from Nirvana’s song “Territorial Pissings” to align with Moeazy’s lyrics: “Mindstate, Nirvana I’m transcending/ if it’s destined then I go manifesting.”

These two artists have truly created a new sound that transcends multiple genres. It seems to step into a new territory completely.