About Time: Ultra Music Festival Announces Wristbands

The wait is finally over – Ultra Music Festival has finally introduced wristbands that will act as tickets for attendees. After years of juggling the incredible holographic tickets and having a mini internal freakout at the slight chance that they might get lost or stolen, Ultra has eliminated this possibility by introducing new wristbands.

Beginning this year, tickets for Ultra Music Festival will be loaded onto special non-removable, non-transferable wristbands for your convenience and security. -an Ultra official statement declared.

Future attendees will still be able to choose between the two basic types of tickets – GA (General Admission) & VIP tickets, and they will continue to be shipped out in time for early March to roll around.

It’s important to note that only 3-day wristbands will be received, not to mention that it’s crucial to register for the Ultra 2019 limited ticket sale by TONIGHT at 11:59 pm ET. Don’t miss your opportunity to snag a sick new wristband – register now at UltraMusicFestival.com/tickets.

This simple, yet groundbreaking new design will improve a ravers efficiency (essentially getting you to the festival that much faster since you won’t be worrying about where you left your ticket), as well as improve the fest’s overall profits as attendees will not be able to exchange the wristbands to others.

We can’t wait to see what else that they have in store for 2019 – bring it on!