Spotify Is Surveying Users About A Data-Only Cell Phone Plan With Spotify Premium

From time to time many of the favorite websites we enjoy using will resort to surveys and questionnaires as a mean to get feedback for future ideas, plans & products. Spotify has occasionally done some of these for various subjects but, there was one question in particular that stood out recently when presented to a fellow user.

The survey asked users to imagine an unlimited 4G data-only plan that included Spotify Premium and asked how likely would the user switch from their current plan in order to join theirs.

The survey also mentions that voice calls and texts would not be included, something that would probably turn off a majority of users currently. This is something Spotify has not come forward and spoken about before, so it’s interesting to see they are considering such a plan. It would also be interesting to see exactly which carrier they partner with or if it’d be a MVNO-type deal such as Project Fi or Ting.

We’ll have to wait and see if more details are released on this plan, should Spotify decide they would like to move forward pending the survey results.