Jauz Announces Phase 1 of ‘Bite This: Bite America’ North American Tour


Jauz‘s 2018 North American tour, “Bite America“, will begin its first trial this summer. Many of the tour dates are published, with more to be listed.

Bite This

Although listed as a record label, ‘Bite This’ is a collective which Jauz a.k.a. Sam Vogel has created as a platform to produce music and to unify artists. This label gives selected producers a means to get exposure and collaborate together by performing at events and posting mixes. At the end of 2017, Jauz released a statement entailing his plans for the 2018 year. His perspective sounds ambitious so we can appreciate someone who puts their heart and soul into their work. This is especially true if you love what they produce.

“This isn’t a record label, this isn’t some giant conglomerate EDM Machine trying to take over the universe, this is just my vehicle for being able to put out my music, the way I want to, and most importantly a way for me to help shine light on the artists around me who are so talented and haven’t been heard or seen by the world yet.”

Jauz is a producer who began his reign of fame in 2013 with massive success. He plays exclusively hard music and collaborates with countless others. Jauz has retained a divergent aquatic sound throughout his years of activity -which is instantly recognizable by his close followers, the Shark Squad.

With twenty-two cities announced for phase 1 of the tour, this will be Jauz’s biggest tour to date. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 am local time.

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