Deadmau5 Tests Rob Swire Collab at Spring Awakening Festival

New Deadmau5 music is coming! It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve heard some new Mau5 material. So long, in fact, that Joel himself felt the need to let us know he’s been too busy working on a film score to produce tunes at his regular pace. That’s why it’s especially exciting that he is road-testing his upcoming track with Rob Swire.

The track, known as ‘Monophobia’, got a Twitch preview a few weeks ago and now the track is ready for the mainstages. Deadmau5 decided to test this one out at Chicago’s Spring Awakening and it seemed to go off quite well. The set also included a surprising amount of techno we’re told. We’re excited to hear more new Deadmau5 music soon.