[Premiere]: Chimes – Find Suki

Chimes Find SukiChimes – Find Suki

Done well, dance-pop is a beautiful thing. And one pair of artists that definitely does it well is the UK duo Chimes. Consisting of producer Draper and vocalist Paul Aiden, both are successful solo artists in their own right. But like any great duo, together they’re so much more than just their individual talents. Their track ‘Pieces’ was definitely evidence of that. And now they’re here to drop their latest melodic masterpiece, ‘Find Suki‘ on BonFire Records.

Like the duo’s namesake, the track is light and beautiful in every way. Starting off slow with Paul Aiden’s deep and dreamy vocals, it quickly picks up and explodes into a bright, upbeat drop. That juxtaposition helps create a uniquely melodic offering that demands more than one listen. So give ‘Find Suki’ a listen and be sure to grab your copy in the link below.

Chimes – Find Suki | Download