Apple Music Partners With Dubset Media To Feature DJ Mixes and Live Sets Via MixBANK

When we stream live sets and DJ mixes, we usually turn to SoundCloud, MixCloud or Youtube. However, the data usage can be quite extreme depending on your phone service plan. Look no further because Apple just launched a new section in Apple Music for this type of content! It is fully dedicated to DJ mixes, live sets, and mash-ups, much of which has been cleared via Dubset Media’s music rights administration platform – MixBANK.

For the longest time, we’ve had to limit ourselves to the Podcasts section of iTunes for our DJ sets. When streaming live mixes, half the battle is dealing with what kind of sound quality you would get. Well, move over streaming services because Dubset Media is coming in full swing. This is the company taking charge of artist mixes and making their way into the monopoly of music services. Dubset works with labels and publishing companies to obtain full music mix rights for distribution.

Located on the Dance genre homepage, the hub showcases all your riveting mixes and live sets available. For any aspiring artists looking to put their own mixes up, Dubset is streamlining that process. Simply create an account, choose your songs, and utilize content from over 30 million tracks across nearly 40,000 independent and major labels. Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services can then stream your mix or remix. Quite an exciting time for artists and music production. Consolidate all your works into one profile, it’s that easy!

For years, streaming services kept remixes and mash-ups off due to copyright issues and complexities in identifying original recordings within a mix. Dozens of labels and publishers require payment. With MixBANK technology, this solves the issue. Advanced and the logical choice for Apple, over 14,000 labels and publishers on MixBANK allow for a track to be analyzed and the original identified for usage. They then pay the licensing charge to the rights holder and publisher. Now with a solid partnership with Sony as well, there are no strikes–only streams.