Brasstracks – Stay There (ft. Xavier Omär)

After supporting their friend Alexander Lewis at his OMNI. EP show at the Moroccan Lounge in LA a couple weeks ago, Brasstracks bring back the big-band sound everyone knows them for with their new single ‘Stay There’ featuring R&B lyricist Xavier Omär.

Being the first single off of their upcoming EP entitled For Those Who Know Pt. IIthe classical instrumentalists have raised the stakes and are here to show us the true magic of live instrumentation, funky basslines and soulful vocals.

‘Stay There’ perfectly paints the scene of cruising along the street with the windows low, bass high, and smiles wide. The track starts off with a classic R&B vibe, composed of a soothing rhodes piano, vinyl crackling, and wavy vocals from Xavier. Throughout the track, there is a call and response action between the trumpets and Xavier’s vocals that keeps your head nodding in a hypnotic state. As the chorus hits, the Moog-esque acid bass keeps the momentum going with its groovy nature. If you got the time, ‘Stay There’ is the soundtrack to your weekend.