17 Dead After Violence Broke Out At A Venezuela Night Club

Image result for caracas venezuela nightclub deadA few days ago, tragedy struck in Caracas, Venezuela when violence broke out at a club killing 17 people and injuring five others. Around 500 people were gathered in a local club for a pre-graduation party when a fight broke out around 3:00 AM, leading to someone detonating a tear gas bomb, triggering a stampede of panicked people. Sadly, eight of the deceased were minors.

Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister Néstor Reverol said “seven people, including two minors, have been detained” and that “eyewitnesses said one of those minors was responsible for setting off the tear-gas canister”. Officials are ordering the club to be shut down and arrested the owner due to lack of security and failure to follow lawful measures to help assure weapons don’t make their way into his place of business.
Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones of the victims. No one should have to go through something like this and young people should not be afraid to go out due to unexpected violence. We can only hope the perpetrator is found, convicted, and tried for their crime.